General obligations of the Active Slovenia Travel, športne dejavnosti, Špela Kenda s.p.:

We are organizing E-bike tours and co-organizing kayaking and rafting tours.

Minimum number of people participating at any of the tours we offer is 2 persons.

The tour starts when the participant meets any of Active Slovenia Travel employees and ends as he/she arrives to the ending point of the tour. Active Slovenia Travel takes no responsibility for injuries which occur outside the course of the trip.

Changes in reservation or number of persons are taken up to 24 hours before the trip. After this date, changes in the number of people will not be considered and will be fully charged.

Active Slovenia Travel reserves the right to cancel or adjust the activity in the case of bad weather or other circumstances, if it has been established that there is a possibility the participants would be exposed to danger.

Active Slovenia travel reserves the right to cancel the trip, if the number of participants is lower than required.

If the tour is cancelled by Active Slovenia Travel, you are entitled to full refund of your booking.

In case participant decides to drop the activity after receiving all the necessary equipment required for the tour or at any point during the tour for the reason participant isn’t in a good physical condition, there is no refund offered.

Active Slovenia Travel takes no responsibility for injuries, caused in opposition to the signed Statement or by participant’s not following the guide’s instructions.

Active Slovenia Travel doesn’t permit participation on activities to people with serious health problems or injuries.

If any participant has any minor health issues it is required to advise Active Slovenia Travel about the condition.

Active Slovenia Travel takes no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged personal items during the tours.

Injuries, which have happened during the tours should be reported to the Active Slovenia Travel employee. The participant fills up the form – report of the accident, which he/she needs to sign. To the injured person Active Slovenia Travel will offer first aid or will appoint him/her to the nearest medical center. Active Slovenia Travel will not take into account injuries, reported at a later stage, for the reason of difficult defining of the location and the exact time of the accident occurring.

Active Slovenia travel takes photos of all the participants during the trip and therefore, reserves the right to use the photos for promotional activities.

Active Slovenia travel reserves the right to charge for any damage caused on the rented equipment, for stolen or lost.

Personal data protection: All personal data of our participants are used and saved strictly in accordance to law – Zakon o varstvu osebnih podatkov (Ur. l. RS, št. 94/2007-UPB-1, ZVOP-1).