Are you thinking about traveling to Slovenia but not sure what is the best or the most optimal way to explore it? Self-guided bike tours are definitely one of the best and most unique options to truly immerse yourself in the scenery of Slovenia. Exploring a new country by car can sometimes feel like watching the world rush past you, leaving you with a sense of missing out on the intricate details that make a place truly special. But when you embark on a journey by bike, every second of your journey becomes an immersive experience. Our e-bike tours are designed for those who seek to unravel the new destinations at their own pace and truly experience the area.

Picture yourself pedaling through lush forests, tracing the curves of rivers, conquering mountainous terrain, and discovering picturesque villages tucked away off the beaten path. Along the way, you’ll have time to see some of slovenian hidden gems, get to know hard working locals, savor local delicacies and for sure encounter some unexpected events you will be telling your friends about for years.

The Slovenian landscape is a dynamic tapestry, ranging from challenging mountain passes through captivating Karst region all the way down to the coast of Adriatic sea. The e-bikes make the cycling through different terrains just a bit easier. E-biking is just for everyone. It is popular by individuals of all ages and fitness levels, from beginner to experienced cyclists. It fosters inclusivity, enabling groups with varying abilities to cycle together effortlessly. Whether you’re a family seeking adventure or a group of friends with differing fitness levels, e-biking provides the extra push when needed, ensuring everyone enjoys the journey to the fullest.

E-biking is definitely one of the most fun ways of traveling and experiencing new countries. E-biking isn’t about achieving personal records or trying to beat Primož Rogljič’s record. it’s about sharing the joy of exploration. E-bikes upgrade traditional biking with electric assistance, allowing you to tailor the level of support to suit your preferences. It’s a delightful way to remain active during your vacation while discovering different cultures and breathtaking landscapes Slovenia has to offer.

Our multi-day self-guided e-bike tours offer the perfect blend of flexibility and convenience. We take care of the logistical details, providing you with detailed tour instructions, comfortable accommodations, delicious breakfasts, and luggage transfers between hotels. With the logistics sorted, you’re free to focus on your cycling adventure ahead.

Our cycling routes sre suitable for riders of varying abilities, ensuring that even those who don’t cycle regularly can comfortably navigate the terrain. The routes you’ll be taking include gravel and paved road cycling. Each day offers you would cycle the distance of 40 to 50 kilometers, with the electric assistance of your bike mitigating the challenge of any steep inclines. You’ll spend an average of two hours cycling each day, having enough time for lunch breaks, taking pictures and seightseeing along the way.

Equiped with an e-bike, helmet, GPS, and map, all you need are your navigational skills to uncover some hidden gems along the way and navigate to your accommodations effortlessly. The self-guided multi-day e-bike tours offer an opportunity to connect with nature, foster independence, improve fitness levels and create lasting memories with your travel buddies.

Let’s sum up the highlights of the self-guided e-bike tours:

• Exploring new destinations at your own pace
• Being flexible and independent on your journey
• Improving your fitness level while enjoying the outdoors
• Connecting with nature
• Sharing quality time with your travel companions
• Building friendships with like-minded cyclists

Embark on one of our self-guided e-bike tours, where every pedal stroke brings you closer to the heart of the destination!

Choosing between diferent biking adventures can be difficult sometimes as there are many things to consider. After all you are going to spend some time on that bike so make sure you choose the tour that suits your need the best. Here are some key factors to consider, ensuring your cycling escapade is nothing short of extraordinary:

1. Define Your Cycling Style:

Before you embark on your two-wheeled expedition, it’s crucial to determine your preferred cycling style. Are you drawn to the sleek speed of road cycling, the rugged trails of mountain biking, or the off the beaten paths of gravel riding? Luckily Slovenia has it all. Additionally, decide whether you prefer the comfort of a guided tour, the flexibility of a self-guided adventure, or the freedom of bikepacking.

2. Destination and Timing:

In Slovenia you will have some stunning vistas no matter which tour you choose. It is up to you if you prefer wine regions to conquering mountain passes or coasting along sandy shores. Identify your desired cycling landscapes and cultural experiences to tailor your tour accordingly. Consider the optimal timing for your adventure, avoiding unpleasant weather conditions and ensure yourself an enjoyable journey.


3. Assessing Terrain and Distance:

Whether you’re up for a one day or multi day tour examine the tour’s distance and elevation gain. This ensures you’re prepared for the physical demands and can select a route that aligns with your fitness level and aspirations.


4. Packing Essentials:

For self-guided tours, essentials like water bottles, snacks, a phone, wind jacket, and currency are vital. Rest assured, we provide a comprehensive multi-toolbox and first aid kit for any bike-related inconvenience along the way.


5. Time Dedication:

Consider your biking frequency preference – whether you’re a daily enthusiast, a sporadic rider, or somewhere in between. Align the tour’s biking schedule with your desired level of commitment to ensure a fulfilling experience.


6. Budget you are willing to spend on the bike tour:

With varying tour options comes a spectrum of prices. From all-inclusive guided tours to budget-friendly bike rentals, choose an option that aligns with your financial comfort zone. After all, your satisfaction is most important so invest wisely in your cycling adventure.


Armed with these considerations you will be ready for your next cycling adventure. Choose a tour tailored to your preferences and desires.